Tuesday, November 13, 2018

October painting summary: Painting

 The partisans are growing in numbers, with dungeon terrain freshly painted
Being a dandy and a partisan combo

Captain's log

Feel like the news boss in spiderman 
Reporter without debt

Scarlet and her ex-husband skull

sleeping bed and spys

Tatiana and her ikea barricade

The odd couple

The old captain retelling his war stories

The old man defending his loot

The scum and his gold bag

The She-niper and her prisoner

This is MY gold

Workers and partisans at the market

And some dungeon tiles

For my son's birthday, we went to a laser tag venue, and we did a small trophy to sit on top of the birthday cake (a cup cake pyramid to be precise)
  • Working on a trophy for LaserTag competition for the 9th birthday

And Man o'war. These ships have been waiting for decent paint for a very long time. Finally, I gave them the attention they deserved. The dwarf proxy ships are now done.
Finally closing in my Man o'war proxies. Missing the sails on the Imperial


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    1. It took some time, but suddenly I felt like painting again, and gaming too