Friday, November 2, 2018

Bolt Action: The not-so-secret-plans battle report

2 weeks ago, we had a 3vs2 Bolt Action, Allies vs Axis. 1800 pts per side.
There were US+Brit+Partisans against German+Italian.

Here was the brief to the Partisan Force.
"The mission, Jean-Jacques, is simple. Jean-Pierre and Jean-Michel have successfully ambushed a small convoy of officers. Our road side bombs have done a good job. Jean-Francois and Jean-Paul are coming with the cowboys and the roast-beef. Hold you position and good luck."

Mission: Secret plan. No deployment, all units in reserves, but spotters and snipers.
Jean-Jacques and Jean-Charles in their lookout. 

In the middle of the village, the half track holds the suit case. A German sniper team is keeping the Allies in check above the halftrack.

The American and British players

The Americans take cover behind a wrecked car

The Axis force quickly entered the battlefield

(Turn 3) the Partisan trucks full of pistol squads finally entered the area

Emerging from the truck, the partisans deployed

"Nom d'une pipe, ca va barder!"

The famous Italian armors, a Joke to most nations, a deadly threat to partisans with all their MMGs

Jean-Jacques and Jean-Charles are still alive after 80+ shots to them

Still, the Axis got there faster and were running with the secret plans (pinned unit, middle of the photo). The Partisans were running behind them, Benny Hill style

The Allies just need to kill them to stop them from running away


The Allies are way behind

Final pictures. The Allies almost caught the plans, but the Italians ran faster


  1. That's a good-looking table! The game sounds a bit chaotic, but fun :-) .

    1. It was good fun. Little coordination between the commanders made the game chaotic. The Brits and Italians cowered as far as possible from the fight while the Americans decided to avoid the panzer IV. The partisans were more active but kept on coming late. The Germans wanted to hold as much terrain as possible, pretending their need for vital space.