Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Playing Lost Patrol

Last week-end, we visited the recently opened Games Workshop stores in HK.
To my surprise my son got excited in playing with the Shadow War Armageddon. We ended up leaving with Lost Patrol and we played it once back home.

The good part:
The game is easy and my son was able to get the rules within minutes.

The bad part:
You need to build the miniatures and they are not easy. There are so many boardgame "ready to play" with miniature in the market, GW should look into it for their entry game. At least MB had a good idea when they sold Space Crusade back in the 90's. We had to take available miniature to play.

My son played the space marines and won, with 2 soldiers at the end.
Here are some of the game pix.

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