Thursday, July 6, 2017

Partisans - latest additions

Some of the June's production, that were played during the Bolt Action scenario.

2 tough kids which I did not play last game. However, good characters for any game of the Reich of the Thousand Deads.
An office worker, a gangster and somebody that seems to be a constable.
A young gangster, a crazy man that believes that 2 pistols are better than one, and a concerned citizen that takes this matter in his own hands
 2 gangsters and 1 man with his shotgun.
 a banker, a gangster and 1940's John Wick
 Girls that should not be bothered. A woman that saw the seven seas, a woman that hunted big game in Africa and a woman that flew all over the world.
 Another group of woman that will not be harassed. One woman ready for the Summer sale, and one that will protect her farm in Western Africa.
 a mysterious man, ready for any rainy night, and 2 men off their cargo ship ready to protect themselves in the wilderness of the red district.
 a detective, a woman that will defend her boat and a man that learned to shoot during his time in the colonies.
 A man and his monkey, a sailor and an artizan design (for scale)


  1. Lovely figs! Funnily enough I have just had some of those Copplestone gangsters painted up, too!