Thursday, August 4, 2016

Star Wars Campaign: T3, Rebel convoy under attack

The Imperial fleet was lurking in the dark emptiness of space. They had set a spy device in the middle of nowhere. Intel networks had discovered that an important rebel convoy consisting would be transiting on that exact location. 

Rebel convoy

“This is the Imperial fleet. You are ordered to stop your engines and allow inspection at once. Any non-compliance will be dealt with deadly force. This is the…”

The officer looked at the admiral “Commander, they are not responding, they are speeding up toward a made up beacon.”
 “Great, let’s slaughter them. Attack!”

The rebel launched their A-wing to intercept the Tie-Bombers while the commander tried to run for it. The Imperial fleet was well placed on each side, but also very  vulnerable to broadside from the Rebel fleet.
With some early successes and unexpected indecisiveness from the Imperial (few failed activation, even with the admiral REP 5), the rebel damaged the VSD and got the 2 corvettes. But at that time the full power of the ISD was in motion. It blasted one of the corvette which tried to past fast in one shot.  

The A-wing did a good job despite being outnumbered with Tie Interceptors and Tie Fighters, but they were too many of them and not enough of the Rebel fighters. 

The first MonCal cruiser to explode rang the end of the party.

The Rebel were mopped up one by one, and for a short while, the last MonCal hoped to make it, but facing the ISD and a Nebulon B, it was only a matter of time.

Still, it gave the short window of opportunity for the Asahi and Enigma to leave before being destroyed.  Of the Rebel fleet, only 3 shuttles and 1 smuggler ship escaped. All of the other had been destroyed or surrendered.