Sunday, August 21, 2016

August 2016 - Painting and ready for another Comic Life campaign

While I am still progressing on the Star Wars campaign, I have done quite a lot of painting.

Finishing 2 Bolt Action MMGs (Artizan Design and plastic Bolt Action)

Red Baron's band. Mix of different brands, with weapon and arms.

Blue Chief's band. Again, mix of different brands
I am laying out a new campaign to use my dungeons stuff (previous Kickstarters) with a twist. I'll be using Dungeon Crawl of Two Hour Wargames and Swordplay. Stay tune!


  1. Replies
    1. First test on paper yesterday to try the mechanics, looking good. I will be using an Action Point System per activation rather than the standard THW. Each activated model would go with 4 action points. moving 1 square, 1 AP. opening a door: 1AP. Searching around the model: 1AP, fighting would take the whole round though.

  2. Il y a de sacrés mouvement de troupes chez toi en ce moment ^^

    Mais ça manque d'aliens !! XD


    1. Les aliens se cachent entre les faux murs. Difficile de les attraper, ce ne sont pas des pokemons! Mais ils sont déjà peint.