Wednesday, March 11, 2015

USS Serenity: Trapped! (preparation)

After the first responders arrived, they were met by some opposition and not favorable conditions, they retreated back to the boarding ship.
No information on the opposition was gathered. The darkness and blurry pictures were not sufficient. They seem to be human people with aggressive behavior. System Defense are also operational. System Defense are military grade which is illegal on board leisure-class space ship.

Boarding Party:
Lt Nervis has been demoted and awaiting martial court.
Private Bob and Private Vic are currently under intensive care, and will not be able to join their squad. Squad 1 will be short 3 units.
Squad 2 is at full strength and will reinforce Squad 1.

Success of the mission:
Primary: Retrieve 5 civilians to the extraction point.
Secondary: Capture one aggressive/opposing human.

If losses reach 25% of the rescue team, Life Guards will receive order to retreat.
Order to retreat: 2d6 vs. WillPower REP. 
Bonus: within line of sight of officer: +1, within line of sight of dead/OOF Life Guard member -1.

Pass 2d6: Orderly retreat.
Pass 1d6: Mandatory full movement toward exit (independently of conditions). Will need to pass Order to retreat test next turn.
Pass 0d6: Coward. Move full movement toward exit, will not shoot or assist any friendly.

I plan to play on Thursday night, Report on Sunday.


  1. I'm looking forward to your batrep, Cedric.

    1. Thanks. I am looking forward to playing it. I really want the team to complete the mission.