Saturday, September 27, 2014

What happened to September?

September is really a short month. Not yet started, already finished and I haven't done anything on the hobby side.
Well, I had few business trips who broken my mojo (tired, traveling on weekdays + week-ends).

I have achieved little and I am now late by 2 scenarios for The Reich of the Thousand Deads. Trying to make one scenario before end of the month,... running out of time...

Most of the month was spent on getting my BattleSystems ready. Great stuff overall, but it can be very painful when the sheets are not well cut. For instance, my stairs and railway sheets were all badly cut (the cutoff area was partially cut, the printed area was not properly aligned).
Gamewise, once setup, the terrain is very sturdy and highly flexible. It is way beyond my painting capacity, so I will highly recommend.
They recently ran a kickstarter for fantasy. I am running out of space, so I couldn't back it up.

Right, my little trooper is happily helping out and brought his playmobil to a gun fight

Small setup with few walls and props.

Close up on the boxes and the beds

Deploy the team!

There is trace of gun fight (note, I forgot one of the ramp)
And now, A pink King Tiger, next to princess stuff.... I love Hong Kong for stuff like this


  1. I know what you mean about September. Onwards to October and more gaming.

    1. I joined Zombtober, so I will have to make more.

  2. Replies
    1. It is good, and open for multi level easily. More coming

  3. Yep, that cardboard scenery does look good!

    Not only is a King Tiger next to the Disney princesses, but it's got a red star on it. Is a black cross seen as a bad thing in Hong Kong?

    1. Nazi symbols, SS and other World War 2 emblems that can be banned in Europe is not an issue in HK. I believe that tank was the result of a bad google search.
      The scenery looks very good. I plan few AAR with it.

  4. Yea, this month has been a blur for me also!

  5. Enorme la compagnie Playmobil dans le complexe militaro-industriel XD

    Va falloir que je m'occupe de monter mes murs médicaux et corrompus moi...


    1. tiens, c'est vrai qu'on attend les rapports de bataille du Templa avec tout le matos que tu as recupere.
      Pour les playmobils, c'est un premier pas dans la bonne direction. Bientot on pourra se faire de vraies parties.