Friday, March 21, 2014

Weird Story of Real World War 2

Story I read lastly, about a Korean boy who ended fighting the war on 3 different sides, ending up captured in Normandy.
Quite a long way from Korea.

Game-wise, I have worked on the next 3 scenarios for the Reich of the Thousand Deads, having a 4th one into the draft. I have lost many weeks of Hobby, traded for work instead. Not really complaining but it delayed my plans.

I played Warmachine and a 250pts Bolt Action (US Marines vs. Chinese Partisan, late 1945, China). Warmachine and Bolt Action ended up with a draw, with a good fun and tensed moments where everything could have been one way or another.

On the Fallout, I still need to finish my huts, and get a real scenario.


  1. I saw the movie about this. Very good movie actually called My Way. Has subtitles but a damm good movie. The twist is the Korean was thought to be his Japanese rival/friend of sorts. There was more to the story than what the movie even covered....I found it very enjoyable.

    1. I will try to find that movie, it seems a good one

  2. I'd heard about a few Koreans being taken prisoner in Normandy, but I hadn't read about how they got there before - thanks.

    I'm looking forward to your next game reports :-) .

    1. I too thought it was urban legends.
      For games, I need to stop traveling :)