Monday, December 2, 2013

November wrap-up

IS November a very short month, or did I spend that month working only?
Well, seems the later. I had traveling and business dinners all over the month, making me busier than I'd wish.

I played few games, with some going well, other not. I tried ATZ-Fallout but it was a miss. I updated the rules to play with D10 and included perks and skills. We played at 3 and I think the initiation scenario was not that great. I will find something else.

So, I painted few minis, but still a good output. I have recently acquired new minis to include into my ATZ-FFO '44, as I found something great to use for the Nemesis. So next scenario will be German, focus on Von Evil. Will he survive? Additional, that guy is a bastard, so don't expect mercy from him.

Here's November production

Reaper mini, metal one.
Bolt Action German with Partisan's gear and new heads.These guys are wild

Group photo, for the blur of it

Urban Mammoth Civilians.

Urban Mammoth Civilians
My Evil doctor, new Villain (Artizan Designs)


  1. Great bunch of figures. I love that Evil Doctor

    1. Evil Doctor is one of the best Evil Doctor. I am waiting for the incoming Incursion mini to come next year to see if I can have a full lab of mad scientists.

  2. Yes, November *is* a short month :-) . And the evil doctor is indeed quite ... memorable!

    1. Evil Doctor is a great mini from Artizan Designs. I love it, and it has this metal parts that make him unique. I loved that mini too, Soon to be played.