Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You know that something went wrong

when you start realizing that you have too many units to play (and finish) a normal game.

Finally finished the vehicules and decided that I won't give them marking as I am still thinking what to use.

The two army photographed miss the French squad and 40 German zombies, plus additional units still under paint :
- German cameraman
- German sidecar
- Wespe
- German officers and sentries
- 12 British para
- 5 German Rats
- Clive Goddard
- few civilians/resistants

Otherwise, I am quite proud of the German force. Vehicules are a mix of Tamiya Die Cast, Urban Mammoth Viridian, Warlord and Tamiya Kits. The German have 2 characters commanders : The Ogre General and the SWD officer in the sdkfz 251.

The British vehicules are a mix of Tamiya Die Cast and Warlord. The British have 2 characters, the Liberty unit on Harley Davidson and Mr Smith (not appearing on the photo, he declined the group photo invitation)

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