Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sicily 1949

Sicily Campaign, 1949.

The Allied have occupied the territory since 1943. The control of Sicily and South of Italy provided a strong base for bombing and naval interdiction to Axis forces in North Africa.

In 1948 with the taking of Gilbraltar, the Axis HQ decided to divert Allied forces and Mediterranean Naval capacity to Sicily while they prepared a major offensive in North Africa.

The assault and mission where given to the Field Vampire Marshall Kleith, an expert occultist with personal interest to Sicily. Gathering a strong force renamed "Kampfgruppe Kleith", he landed near Agrigento and rapidly increased his footprint in Sicily. The SWD also played the picture war and brought many reporters on the field to film fights and victories.

Afraid of Italy going back to the Axis, the Allied diverted the Corsican French Brigade and 2nd British Para Division, weakening other areas.
As Sicily is a low-key area, most advanced and heavy equipments are not in use.

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