Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Secret of the Third Reich - French Allied

In the grim days of 1949, France is a broken country. Bombed by nuke, Vgas, it remains occupied.

Small group of fighters keep the spirit and are dedicated to bring the horror of the SWD down. The Free French are operating mainly from Northern France and Africa, and I do like the vision of soldiers fighting to liberate their country but lacking a backyard are to rest as UK, or big industry to get big stuff like the American and their Mecha.

Free French to me are die hard units that salvage their heavy equipments or borrow from the Allied.

In my game, Free French comes from Corsica, are tough and devoted Christian to get ride of the demons. They are not really to liberate the Mainland, but more to avoid the German to come back.

Their OoB is still under building, but here is what it looks like:

For the Good French, Catholic and legends are the basis for the tentative OoB :
Characters : Jean-Paul Bonaparte, Noble from Corsica (a local noble who took on him to gather the remnant of the French forces and try to liberate the country from the Facists): Elite troop, Loner but may replace the lieutenant, Monster Hunter, Nerve of Steel, Guerilla Leader (New special rules, when JPB is in the rooster, 2 unit of the platoon can be deployed under the rules :infiltrate)

Body Armor : +3RP (same as the Brit)
Starting Experience : Green

Command Squad : 1 Section de Commandement
1-4 Combat Squad : 1-4 Section de combat
0-1 MG team
0-1 Bazooka team
0-2 Saboteur team : As in Doomsday
0-2 Mortar team : Light only, no Medium available
0-2 Anti-Mech team
0-1 Sniper team
0-2 Scout team : 5 men strong, 1 corporal 4 private, infiltrate, irregular. They are the Free French Resistance

Support options:

0-1 Exalted Priest : Priest going of for war against the Evil, got Battle Chapelain rules, Utterly Fearless and Combat Monster.
0-1 Louvetiers (Wolf hunter) : Using French tradition to hunt down Wolf and Bears in the French wilderness, these people kept the secret of hunting monsters. 5 men Elite unit, SMG with CC silver weapons. Monster Hunter, Ranger, Utterly Fearless
0-1 Scavenged Mecha (+1 RP and can use German or Allied Mecha list)
0-1 Gargoyles unit. Uncanny Resilience, Horror, Drop trooper. Can buy Infiltrate and Camouflage (to represent they are in statue state at the beginning of the battle)

Limitation : Offboard strike +1 additional RP for each to represent they need to request support from Allies and don't have access to their own support

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