Sunday, May 27, 2018

May painting summary - small production - Morikun Challenge started

It has been a good month for gaming: Incursion, X-Wing, Cluedo (with my boy)
but a small month for painting.

Should I say that Rain and The Expanse onNetflix, and Fallout New Vegas have taken their toll too.
Talking about plots, The Expanse is a good show with an interesting plot (up to Episode 8, let's see how they close the season)
The Rain is ok. Watching it in Danish with Subtitle is better. I find that they completely missed the end of the season with an illogical cliffhanger. Sad.

Hobbywise, I have worked on 3 projects:
- Small terrain to be added on my fantasy set, to add in flavor.

They are supposed to be shield. They are unfortunately too big for my miniatures. I will recycle them as  broken ornaments

- Tiles that were still not painted

I plan to make them diry like the white tiles above. The joy of having too much stuff from a kickstarter.

- The Morikun Challenge - 3 sisters of battle ready to burn stuff/

I have used the black ink to highlight the details. They will be ready to paint, once I get inspired on the color scheme.

that's all folks!


  1. Lots of interesting bits progressing. Look forward to seeing how the Sisters turn out.

    The shields though to big will make great ornaments to scatter around the table.

    1. I have 5 weeks to finish the sisters, I am excited about that project. I must keep the spirit up .