Wednesday, April 25, 2018

3-D printing transports for FFG Xwing

Ah, X-Wing video game serie.

I remember when I bought the video game. It was back in 1995, it was the Imperial Pursuit complement, then forcing me to buy the actual game (because I didn't know you needed a game to play an add-on).
The long days optimising my 40 Mb (yes Mb!) hard drive and 2Mb memory just to play that game (12 Mb all together, it was massive!). The days of the 386x.
All this purple. A good old memory.
X-wing is a key period of my teenager's period, with so much fun fighting for the Rebel Alliance against the evil Empire, piloting my fighters, learning to love the agile A-Wing and to despise the slow sitting-duck Y-wing.
I was spending time on Mel's products and found he had designed the DX-9. In the video game, it was one of the main elements either in convoy attack, or capturing spaceships.
As I am the RPG-type of gamer, I like to build my armies with a backstory and playing scenarios instead of pure dog fights. The DX-9 will help me make objectives. At least, that was the excuse I used to promptly click buy, and ended up with 3 models.
size comparison
My excitement was still high when I received them less than a week after, and after an hour of pimp-my-ride, they were ready for a game this Friday.
final version, painted

After this Friday, I will know if they are as hard to kill as in the video game.
Stay tune.

Cards and details to play in FFG X-wing: Here


  1. Those look great! Having spent a LOT of hours in X-wing, I have wanted to add the various ships from it to the table top game, but money has held me back.

    1. I always wanted to add more variety to the games. We did play them in a "capture the crates" scenario. I will share the results soon.