Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Viridian inbound - Painting slowly yes, but painting.

No relationship with people from the 3rd Rai'ch

10 years ago.... I stumbled into an amazing sale from Ludikbazar. I was in Hong Kong at that time, but my mojo was coming back.
I was young and ambitious, I bought a gigantic quantity of miniature, some of them out of print since then.
Now, I have finally painted the models that brought me back from hobby abyss. The Metropolis/Urban War Viridians.
Hopefully that kickstart my gaming mojo again.

Viridian army supported by 2 mechs from Warpath Kickstarter. All good models

This is my inspiration for the army. A French comic call Aquablue. There was a planet assault by the Foreign Legion.

Greatcoat Viridians version 1
Greatcoat Viridians, version 2
Colonial marines, Viridian style. The leader in the middle, I can swear it's an old mutant chronicle model, from Prince August.
Viridian colonial marines and unknown guy

More colonial marines. I have few of them left, but they are not the best looking Viridians to be honest.

The more, the merrier. Don't worry, they are the last ones.

Special force viridian sergeant and Lt. Johnny G. Johnny has a thermos of coffee/brandy, so he can celebrate victory right away
Viridian spec force sergeant and Johnny G.
sorry girls, Johnny's bottom is protected by grenades.
Viridian Mortar.
Viridian mortar
Viridians have a nice box set of snipers. I thought they were too much. Even within the actual rules, they are deadly. I have one. He is more an urban sniper than a sniper who believes he is a tree.
The best looking Viridian I have, the spec forces.
Spec force viridians
They mean business. The middle model is originally from the mortar. However he fits better within the spec forces.
Spec force Viridians
Tank buster team
tank buster team 2
Viridians are here to pacify. If there are bow-and-arrow giant blue smurf, even better.
"Now, bring me some navi for shooting training"

On the other side of the table, I painted some miniatures used for our "apero" game.
Here are some fighters we used a while ago for space fighter race.
11 fighters. It was supposed to be 12, but I can't find the 12th one.
I have always been a secret lover of battletech, and here is my way to feed my secret passion (2 boxes of late 80, early 90's plastic miniatures, for US$10 total)

And with the 2 tanks I bought previously to bet some armor for diversity.


  1. Lots of cool figures there. I have to say, I like them all!

    1. Thank you. I hope I can field them soon for a game