Sunday, December 4, 2016

Darker Omen: Part 3. The Trap part 2 (AAR)

For rule information here
Part 1: Here
Part 2: Here
Part 3, Part 1: Here

 that cultist was good at killing troopers....

 multiple double rolled at the same time, and all generated cultists. After that the militiamen failed to activate for several turns.

 End right when the situation was under control, guessed what event happened? Alien appeared.

 Random event, dwarf adventurer REP 5 appeared.
 Militia finally starts to appear when rolling doubles, but also, another alien.

 The dwarf killed the first alien and seemed to be able to handle the other one, but then, random event, another alien arrived.
 The dwarf died. If no human on the board, the game should be finished. But then, I rolled doubles and more humans arrived.

 The 2 bowmen failed their horror tests and left.

Stay tuned for the next game :)

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