Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Darker Omen: Part 2. Underworld (teasing + pre game info)

In the past few days, many people have disappeared during the night. Stories of untold monsters and gruesome murders unsettled the local population. Concerned citizens gathered to Town hall to  ask for the authorities to react. It was believe another necromancer or ratmen clan took residency in the underground.  After the night watch agreed to step up its patrols, the Bailiff issued a reward for any undeads or ratmen heads people will bring.
Looking for quick reward, Red Baron and Chief Blue each sent a group in the underworld to bring back some bounties.

Played yesterday the 2nd scenario and will likely write it within the next few days.

Playing 2 teams at the same time, it was hard to play fast, so I twisted a little bit, taking some roleplaying game melee sequences.

When I roll the reactions (=initiative), the fastest gets to act and attack whatever target.
In addition, being the first to react, there is a +1 to melee as attacker.
Example: Blue 1, Blue 2 and Red 1 are rolling reaction. 
Blue 1 - Reaction (3)
Blue 2 - Reaction (1)
Red 1 - Reaction (1)
Reaction 3: Blue 1 acts first. Blue 1 charge Red 1. Blue 1 has a +1 bonus. Red 1 kills Blue 1
Reaction 2: Nobody, no action.
Reaction 1: Blue 1 and  Red 1 charge each other, no charge bonus.

Melee, 3 rule clarifications/changes:
1) For the melee roll, both attacker/defender fight at the same time.
2) Also, a soldier  facing several enemies may take a full defense stance, giving a +3 dice, but cannot hurt its opponent.
3) The dice to roll are categorized as Attack and Standard. For example:

 Rogulf is a REP 5, AC6 with a sword and a shield.
His standard attack: 5 (REP) +1 (AC6) + 1 (sword) + 1 (Shield).
No special attack.
Erner is a REP 5, AC6 with 2 swords
His standard attack: 5 (REP) +1 (AC6) + 1 (sword)
His special attack is +1
When Erner fights he roll 6 + 1 dice. 6 dice can be used to nullify his enemy dice and any left over used to hit. His attack dice can only be used in attack. So Erner can be hit but he can hit too!