Monday, September 26, 2016

September progress: rebasing and Genestealer horde

Remember, remember, the month of September.

Well, with a very hectic agenda, canceled business business, late meetings and social events, there was very little energy left to plan a proper game.
So it ended up as paint sessions, and with fellow bloggers who decided to paint tabletop quality, I felt less ashamed to do the same.

Genestealer horde, so support my dear aliens in actual combat

Some terminators I have decided to glue.

An old (Ral Partha?) thief

a dwarf that acted in a coca cola commercial
And the final shot with the new base, while watching Battleship, a very terrible movie.


  1. Genestealers all look good, but I'll bet they're a b*gger to store! I find that all the sticking-out arms and claws make them hard to pack neatly into boxes...

    1. Neatly and Genestealers are not matching usually. True that they are a pain to store, so they have ended up in a box.

  2. Je dois avouer que les socles transparents c'est pas mal du tout aussi : ça permet de gagner du temps et de profiter davantage des décors au sol... Mais je pense que je vais rester à la vieille école ^^


    1. c'est un choix. Ce qu'on ne voit pas, c'est le massacre des figurines au niveau des pieds. :)