Saturday, April 23, 2016

Star Wars Campaign: turn 1 results. Pyrrhic victory in sector 1

wounded ISS (Imperial Star Ship) Ultramarine

Update on the fighter rules.
To reflect more the xwing vs tie fighter video game, fighters/bombers are not entangled in dogfight with other fighters.

A squadron can progress toward its objective, but can be intercepted and engaged by enemy squadron. It does not stop a squadron to keep going.

If an engaged squadron decides to keep going, -1 to its squadron dice pool (black first, blue if no black, red if no blue)
 Fighters: Lowest initiative move first. In case of tie, fastest move last so it can intercept.

Sector 1

Rebel scouts have spotted an Imperial force currently idle near an asteroid field. Protected by 2 squadrons of Tie fighters, the corellian corvette Juniper is waiting for a Nebulon B at a secret rendezvous point.

Before the imperial reinforcement could arrive, the Rebel decided to strike and cripple Imperial effort in the sector. Destruction of the Juniper is of highest priority.

Defending Imperial Fleet commanded by Commander Twilight Divergent of poor charisma

Attacking Rebel Fleet under the command of Luke Frywalker, notoriously known to be a poor attacker.

note: I made a mistake and forgot the Nebulon B at the Imperial side, meaning the Rebel had a higher value.
Turn 1: (Rebel) 1,2 (Imperial)
Movement only. Luke Frywalker has divided his fleet in 3 elements to distract the fighter screen and be able to blow up the Ultramarine.
The Rebel fleet split to distract the Imperial.

Turn 2: 2,2
The Juniper had the opportunity to fire at the Ultramarine, which easily evaded the shots.

 Each tie squadron caught the slow bombers and engaged them. The bombers continued toward the Ultramarine, taking the hits and were not able to damage the nimble fighters.

B-wing and Y-wing took 2 damages each, the tie fighter did not lose any.

Turn 3: 2,5
Luke Frywalker looked from his command bridge as his bombers were falling under the harassment of the tie fighters. He ordered full power to the turbo-lasers and fired. The Ultramarine shield flickered and for once it seemed they would not resist. But at the last minute, the energy was diverted to the side and the Ultramarine stood dangerously close. 

 Commander Twilight sweat for an instant until the shield resumed. He nodded to his gunnery officer. 
"Fire!", shouted the officer. 
The laser crossed the empty space and only a few crashed on the Juniper shields. Commander Twilight was about to make a comment when an alarm sounded. 
"Incoming torpedoes! Brace for impact." 

The 2 bomber squadrons, while diminished, had cornered the Ultramarine and launched their torpedoes. The remaining shields of the Ultramarine flickered and suddenly disappeared, the Ultramarine was wide open. The last bombers shot with their heavy blasters and hit the imperial ship hardly.

On the bridge, the commander hold himself the best he could but he could not retain a little "yik" as the corvette took the hits. 
"Damage report, now! Where are these damned fighters. where they not supposed to protect me?"
The bridge officer helped the commander to stand up again.
"Little damage sir. Some lucky shots, no more."
"Good, perfect.... still, clear these bombers from the space around me, it would be better."
"At your command, Sir!" replied the officer as he distributed the orders to the respective teams.

Situation: Rebel: no front shield, Imperial, no side shield.

B-wing and Y-wing engages Ultramarine, got 1 hit through the shield. The Ultramarine rolled for Taking hit and its resolve is shaken. (taking damage roll, passed 1d6, -1 REP)

Turn 4: 3,1

The Juniper kept its course, moving away from the Ultramarine, and they exchanged shots with no results. 
Meanwhile, the tie fighters mopped up the remaining bombers who did not go down without destroying some of the tie fighters.

Luke Frywalker looked at the ship status. The shields were gone and so little remained. The last bomber icon disappeared from the tactical screen.
The Gulan bridge officer commented: "We have eventually l'st b'th heavy b'mber squadr'ns. D' we respectfully and with'ut unnecessary hatred trade bl'w f'r bl'w, in the spirit of her'ic fight, capitain?"
Luke looked at the little non-human and her strange way of saying what he would have summarized as: Let's them pay.
He disagreed, "That is what we will do, but later. Prepare to jump."there was too much at stake than a small Corellian Corvette.

Ultramarine shoot Juniper, reducing the last shield left. Juniper reply without success. B-wing and Y-wing are destroyed by the tie fighter squadrons.

Rebel rolled for Friend Destroyed (applied when 33%, and next, when 66%  of the fleet points are gone) and decided to leave

Turn 5: 2,5 (Imperial inactive, ships and fighters move 1/2 speed front)

Commander Twilight looked as the Rebel were moving away. With the hull damaged, he preferred to let it go and claim victory. Before he could change his mind, the Rebel ship jumped in hyperspace.

Imperial advance in sector 1.

After battle results:
Juniper is still available for fight, but the loss of the 2 squadrons are going to tamper the fighting ability of the sector 1.

Ultramarine damages are serious and the corvette has been sent back for repair and will miss the next turn (rolled 1d6 on the After the Battle table, p19 5150 Star Navy). But an Imperial Nebulon B has arrived and can maintain the pressure on the rebels.

On other sectors: 
Sector 2, the Imperial retreat, as they cannot match the power of the Rebel Fleet.
In sector 3, 4 and 5, the Rebel declined the fight and retreated. 
Map after turn 1


  1. Would love to know how you painted those rebel bombers--those look great.

    1. I painted the hull with sky grey and washed with sepia.
      The y-wing exhaust is done by dropping black wash (non-diluted) into the rectangle and wait until it dries to do another angle.
      I have painted a colored stripe at different place to make the rebel fighter more unique.

      Next turn is tough decision. There are 2 planets at risk and only one Rebel fleet.