Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Reich of the Thousand Deads - The coming Grand Finale (AAR part 2) - ending

Gaming notes:
That scenario was very close.
Mallory lost most of his soldiers in the first turns, but the bright side was that the priest was untouched (random placement, I was lucky on the deployment roll)
Von Evil was killed with 3 hits, and double "1" thereafter, meaning instant death. As he was shot by Mallory, there was no way he could avoid dying.
Then, the T800 received a huge amount of shots, and none of them got the famous "1" to kill (T800 needs 2 to be destroyed). The T800 missed most of its shots because the priest and his team where under heavy cover. At the last last minute, the priest and Mallory finished the machine. 

In Bastogne, I have been blessed because the horde took time to arrive. But once it was there, trouble started to mount. Having Gurkhas and trench helped to hold them off, but slowly bad things happened (no ammo, no activation, 1 trooper KD in the middle.). The priest successfully unsummon the Evil at the last minute.

Hope you enjoyed the serie. Next year it's going to be something new :)


  1. Very cool Cedric, what a corking game

    1. Thanks.
      Back online. It was a back and forth game, it was very close.

  2. Replies
    1. Playing on 2 tables at the same time was very funny. Hopefuly I was able to share that feeling with the AAR.

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    1. Yes. The bad guys have lost, best ending ever. :)