Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Reich of the Thousand Deads: What happen in Paris stay deads (or "the Sewer the Better")

"Commandant, ve hafe been in zis filthy place for too long. Ve hafe to go back"
The German commander looked at the soldier. His pale face was almost surnatural with the torchlight.
"Oberst, I understand your conzerns. Let me be clear. Herr Von Evil needz uz to retrieve an important pieze left behind in Paris underground. Ve are in the zewer becauze zis iz vhere it iz."
"But the zombie repellent devize iz getting veaker. Ve..."
The commander raised a hand.
"You should not hafe lost the zpare batteriz...." He looked at a sign. "Ve almozt arrife. Schloss, deploy."

Sven and Jonas

Commander Horas

Oberst Gunthar

Oberst Gunthar: REP 5, SMG
Sven: REP 4, pistol, magic book
Commander Horas: REP 4, Special abilities, pistol
Jonas REP 4 Bodyguard, SMG
Standard Trooper REP 3
Standard Flamethrower REP 3

ER Rating: 3
Zombie generated on 6.
Encounter on Double. 
For each double, the zombie repellent decrease by 1 square (6 at the beginning of the scenario)
Each room is treated as a PEF.

Mission and Objective
Sewer mission.
There are no PEF at the start.

They have to find the red room and take the object and leave.
If they reach Green room, alarm system. Zombies generated on 4-5-6.

Horas leaves the table with the finding.

REP 3, 3d6 in Melee, Survivor QRS, Impact 1

Possible encounters (replace the random event) (1d20)
1    Zombie repellent batterie died out.
2    “I hear something. Let’s split up”. 2 random characters splits to go to the nearest PEF.
3    Rats! Roll for how many rats
4    1d6 zombies are generated
5    PEF generated
6    A zombie was hiding, a random soldier is attack in the back.
7    Achtung Minen! Random character is affected by a 3" explosion with Impact 3
8    Adrenaline Rush. 1 extra activations for characters
9    All zombies generated are doubled (event may happen several times)
10    Argument breaks between the leader and one of the soldiers at random but within 4” and LOS. At each activation, roll 1d6 per REP of the 2 arguing. If the leader scores more, argument is over. If not, for each additional success of the soldier, roll 1d6 to attract zombies as normal
11    Damned roots. A random character has lost his backpack and all spare ammo.
12    V-Gaz! Every single person touched by the cloud must roll a "Harry, are you ok?" immediatly. In case of success, the character changed as a zombie in 1d3 turn. To suicide, the character must roll a REPd6 and pass with 2 success. Only "1" is a success.
13    Find a safe place to hunker down until next day. Able to immediately end the scenario
14    Friendly Fire. A gun discharges on another character by mistake
15    PEF
16    Tell My Wife. 1 random grunt will have increased damages (Tie = KD, KD=OOF, OOF=OD)
17    The closest dead zombie was not really dead. It stands up and move immediately 6” to the closest human in sight.
18    When there is one, there is more. All Zombie for the encounter will be 1 more than standard role.


  1. Sounds interesting - I'm looking forward to hearing about the game.

    1. Yeah, hopefully it will be as entertaining as the planning was.

  2. I really want to see this. Sounds exciting and great creepy place to do it, sewers are claustrophobic too.

    1. Real sewers are claustrophobic and merciless. The one I am using will be mostly large enough for 1 man.

  3. What a fascinating concept for a scenario. I look forward to reading what happens next. Just a small point, but what happens if you roll a 19 or 20 on the possible encounters table?

    1. The most difficult part was to find decent sewers. 19 or 20 will have no effect other than decreasing the zombie repellent device battery.

  4. It does sound like a good scenario. Will be looking forward to reading the reports.

    1. Thanks. It should be coming over the week-end.