Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October wrap-up: No game but tons of minis painted

October came and went.

That was a very busy month. Not only on the real life, but hobby-wise too. I missed my game and seems tomorrow it will not be possible to make an ATZ game.

So instead I moved forward on the ATZ-FFO minis for the next scenario, it will be a German Scenario and named: Back to Fatherland. The rules, PEF and encounters have been written. As a teaser, the Germans will try to leave their camp on week 4 and avoid being caught by the SWD or other Germans.

On the ATZ-Fallout, I keep on adding stuffs to the game in preparation of the first game. I have been late on painting the heroes, focusing on NPC and encounters.

Total for the month is over 40 world war 2 minis, 20+ monsters for Fallout. 5 new buildings for ATZ-FFO '44. Not bad.

Last acquisitions amounted for a mere US$ 6.
A car, it will need special treatment to make it Fallout Approved ($3)

Fancy military gas station. Seems legit ($0.70)

5 radscorpions against a survivor ($2) Survivor is Urban Mammoth and just finished, varnish not yet sprayed.
Here, only the big spider is the latest acquisition. I almost glued my fingers to make some legs stick to the base.
Mama Spide and its baby swarm (Swarm is Urban Mammoth just finished, Mother is standard Halloween spider) ($0.3)
And here are the updated SWD forces. 
SWD Terminators - Artizan Design

SWD troopers (different from the Stormtroopers) - Artizan Design
Still a bad photo. Too late to see, I cleaned up the minis... - Artizan Design
SWD Officers. I need to decide who is Von Evil - Artizan Design
3 out of 15 German Resistance survivors (white and yellow strips) -  Warlord Plastic Germans


  1. That's a very good level of output for one month! You should be pleased with yourself, I think :-) .

    I'd say you should use the blond, bare-headed SWD officer as Von Evil.

    1. Hesitating between the middle and the right one.

      For the output, I surprised myself when i recollected the amount painted. :)